Family Support
"Helping Individuals with
Disabilities and Their Families"

GCS, Inc. Provides Family Support in
Claiborne, Greene, Grainger,
Hamblen and Union County.
The Family Support program is funded by state dollars and designed to assist
people with
"severe disabilities"and their families to remain together in their
home and communities.

A severe disability is defined as: Attributable to  physical impairment or
intellectual disability likely to continue indefinitely, Result in substantial
functional imitation in three and disabilities or more major life activities such as:

Self-care, Receptive/Expressive Language, Learning,
Mobility, Self Direction, Capacity for Independent living and               

Economic Self-Sufficiency           

Services provided under Family Support are flexible and responsive to
the needs of the
people and/or their families.

       Camp,  Counseling,   Day Care,   Equipment,  Health-Related Needs,

      Small Home Modifications,  Homemaker Services,   Housing Costs,  

       Nursing/Nurse Aide,  Personal Assistance,   Respite Care,  Supplies,

       Training,  Transportation

For more information call: (423) 798-7144
Ask for
Family Support Coordinator