Day Services
Greene County Skills, Inc offers a variety of services including
Supported Employment, Community and Facility Based Day
Services to enhance and develop job and work skills for
community employment and daily life and community living
skills according to the person's want and needs.

Each person supported has and individualized plan that is followed by highly trained
instructors.  When utilizing Facility Based Day Services, the focus is on assisting people
to gain integrated employ
ment or community living goals.  Other activities vary depending
on the person's preference and include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Job Preparedness
  • Resume' Practice and Mock Interviews
  • Community Participation
  • Community Living Skills
  • Individual Rights and Citizenship Classes
  • Safety Skills Training
  • Arts, Music, Exercise, and Theatre
  • Recreation and Social Interaction
  • Senior Group Activities

For more information call:
(423) 798-7100
Ask for th
Day Activity Superviso